Description of Service

Note: the Michigan Medicaid Provider Manual contains complete definitions of the following services as well as eligibility criteria and provider qualifications.  The Manual may be accessed at,5885,7-339–87572–,00.html

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) provides basic services and supports essential for people with serious mental illness to maintain independence in the community. An ACT team will provide mental health therapy and help with medications. The team may also help access community resources and supports needed to maintain wellness and participate in social, educational and vocational activities.

Assessment includes a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, substance abuse screening, or other assessments except for physical health, conducted to determine a person’s level of functioning and mental health treatment needs.

Clubhouse Programs are programs where members (consumers) and staff work side by side to operate the clubhouse and to encourage participation in the greater community.  Clubhouse programs focus on fostering recovery, competency, and social supports, as well as vocational skills and opportunities.

Community Inpatient Services are hospital services used to stabilize a mental health condition in the event of a significant change in symptoms, or in a mental health emergency.  Community hospital services are provided in licensed psychiatric hospitals and in licensed psychiatric units of general hospitals.

Community Living Supports (CLS) are activities provided by paid staff that help adults with either serious mental illness or developmental disabilities live independently and participate actively in the community.  Community Living Supports may also help families who have children with special needs (such as developmental disabilities or serious emotional disturbance).

Crisis Interventions/Emergency Services are unscheduled individual or group services aimed at reducing or eliminating the impact of unexpected events on mental health and well-being.

Crisis Residential Services are short-term alternatives to inpatient hospitalization provided in a licensed residential setting.

Mental Health Therapy and Counseling for Adults includes therapy or counseling designed to help improve functioning and relationships with other people.

Supports Coordination or Targeted Case Management:  A Supports Coordinator or Case Manager is a staff person who helps write an individual plan of service and makes sure the services are delivered,  Your staff person helps you find the services and providers to assist you in meeting your goals,

Peer Support Services:  Individual and group services provided by someone who has experienced recovery and is there to help you with yours.