Policies and Procedures

30.10A Petition_Application for Hospitalization (PCM 201 3-19)
30.10D Family Guide to Involuntary Hospitalization
30.10C Supplemental Petition to Application for Hospitalization and Order for Examination (PCM 208a)
30.10B Clinical Certificate- PCM 208
30.06 Plan Coverage Eligibility Determination
30.05 COFR Access Agreements 12-06-2021
30.03A – Vulnerable Adult Protocol for St. Joseph County Revised March 2016
30.03 Vulnerable Adult Protocol
30.10 Involuntary Services 12-10-2021
30.09 Enhanced Services Entrance Criteria 12-10-2021
30.08 Eligibility for Specialized Services and Supports
30.07 Service Eligibility Determination
24.16 Staff Recipient Rights Responsibilities
24.15 Seclusion and Restraint for Recipients 12-10-21
24.14 Residential_Space Allocations for Customers
24.13 Residential_Day Program Customer Rights
24.12 Recipient Rights Advisor
24.11 Office of Recipient Rights
30.01 Access to Behavioral Health Services 12-10-2021
26.02 Confidentiality and Disclosure of SA Information
26.01 Recipient Rights of Substance Abuse Consumers
24.21 Comprehensive Examination
24.20 Services Suited to Condition
24.19 Treatment by Spiritual Means
24.18 Substance Abuse_Recipient Rights
24.17 Sterilization_Abortion_Contraception
24.16A Recipient Rights Complaint Form
10.02B Compliance Violation Reporting
10.02A Compliance Posting
10.02 Complaint and Investigation Process
10.01A Corporate Compliance Program
10.01 Corporate Compliance
10.05A Response to Request for Public Records – FOIA
10.05 Request Under the Freedom of Information Act
10.04 Response to Search Warrants_Subpeonas_Court Orders
10.03 Compliance Program Reports to Management and Board
10.02C Investigation Template
08.03 Accounts Payable – Invoice Processing
08.02A Claims Denial Letter
08.02 Claims-Management
07.14 Information Management
07.02 Health Information Security
06.04 Accessibility and Accommodations
06.03 Limited English Proficiency
06.02 Cultural and Linguistic Competency
06.01 Customer Services
06.05B Action Notice Non Medicaid
06.05A Action Notice Medicaid
06.05 2nd Opinion Greivance and Appeal
06.04A Accommodation Request
03.06 Employee Recommendation for Improvement
03.04A Stakeholder Input Methods and Sources
03.04 Stakeholder Input
03.03 Performance Indicators
03.01 Quality Management
2.12 Clinical Qualifications
2.12 A Clinical Qualifications Tree
2.05A PC Application updated 07-30-2020
02.11 Subcontracting
02.10D Stipend Voucher
02.10C Stipend Rates
02.10B Application for CAC Membership
02.10A Committee Participation Interest Form
02.10 Stipends to Persons Served and Family Members
02.09A – Staff Competency Training
02.09 Training Requirements
02.08C Customer_Resident Funds Review Protocol
02.08B Provider Monitoring Review Process
02.08A Provider Monitoring Matrix
02.08 Provider Network Monitoring
02.07 Exclusion from Participation in the Provider Network
02.06 Credentialing Organizational Providers
03.08 Recipient Death_Sentinel Event Reporting
03.07F Definitions Related to Incidents and Events
03.07E CMHSAS-SJC Property and Staff Incident Report Form
03.07D Emergency Use of Physical Management
03.07C Recipient Death Report
03.07B DHHS Incident Accident Report
03.07A Incident Report – Recipient
03.07 Incident Reporting 12-10-21
03.06A Employee Recommendation for Improvement Form